Siargao: An Island Love Affair

They say travelling is a lot like falling in love. For Siargao it wasn’t a crazy kind of love where you need a constant high. Rather it was slow and easy. Bit by bit it takes on a sweet familiarity. Like a long lost childhood memory brought by the wisps of salty air.


A tiny island facing the Pacific is home to Cloud 9, and known to be one of the world’s best surf spot. I admit I was drawn to the island for the surf but this laid-back destination with its local charm and character had more to offer under its white sandy sleeves.

It is a sleepy place as some would describe it, no flock of tourists, not much commercialization. You feel free and unanchored. For the water junkies, it is an adventure book. For city dwellers, it is an escape. For me, it is like opening an old love letter. A beautiful nostalgia of all things that is good and it smells nice too.

My favorite things to do in Siargao:

  • Rent a motorcycle. Go around without a map.
  • Look for a grassy spot to lie down just to look at the clouds.
  • Watch the sunset at the boardwalk.
  • Have breakfast in Kabibo, lunch at Buddha’s, dinner at a local barbeque station.
  • Do yoga.
  • Do stand up paddle boarding, just go where it takes you.
  • Buy fruits at general luna market, eat them at the jetty.
  • Share stories with the locals.




Try it and you’ll fall in love with the island life for sure.  And the love you give back will be returned, by a hushed fervor you’ll happily carry within you.


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