Are you an artist?

I always get comments on how I look very “artsy”, which I find amusing or sometimes awkward because of how I fit the stereotypical artist look without really trying. 

Once I was shopping for a school project and had my hands full of art supplies. I made a bee line to the cashier and noticed a Caucasian man talking enthusiastically with the cashier lady. He looked at me as I queued behind him; he paused and asked “Are you an artist?” To which I replied, “I’m a design student”. “Well, I can see that.” he said, pointing to my haul and gesturing at my appearance. “Are you at the CAFA?” he asked referring to USC’s College of Architecture and Fine Arts. I just nodded. “I have a daughter in CAFA, she wants to be an artist.” He went on,” But I let her take Advertising instead. I told her that if her grades are good then she can be an artist.” I didn’t have time to react when he promptly asked, “Do you wanna be an artist?” I was confused by the question, for me being an artist was not a choice you make but rather a life you live and most importantly, a commitment to being true to yourself. He eagerly waited for my reply, so I answered him logically instead. “I already have a job, this is just a hobby.” (I was thinking about work because I had to go to the office right after. I wish I had given a better answer =/ ) “Oh what is it?” he asked. “I’m a Software Engineer”, to which his mouth dropped. He then attended to his purchases; I can sense he was thinking of something. As he was about to leave he turned to me and said, “Well, your parents must be proud, not spending so much time with boys”. He left quietly. His words got me thinking, I never really thought about it that way. And I never really aimed for it either. “He’s so talkative isn’t he!” the cheerful cashier lady exclaimed. My thoughts interrupted.


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  1. “…being an artist was not a choice you make but rather a life you live…” Yes, I completely agree with you! I think your post is wonderful. I strongly believe that people need to learn that we don’t exactly choose to be an artist, we simply born as an artist.

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