Why am I here?

I do not like writing about myself or doing anything that involves being the center of attention. I like being a wallflower but do not get me wrong, I am all in for authenticity and realness. Much like singing a quiet song, I live my life on the tips of my toes. There is no hurry.

Each year I set out a goal for myself, or rather an intention; to grow, to do more, to be more. A year ago I gave myself this mantra:

be fearless and radiate love

As inspiring and motivating as it sounds, I wasn’t the kind of fearless I had hoped to be, I didn’t radiate the kind of love I wanted to give. I realized I had to peel off any existing facade I had cast upon myself. I had to be in my most vulnerable state, pure and raw. It wasn’t easy, it’s still not. I was brave though, I quit my job and followed my heart. Baby steps from my original plan but I know I am not far behind.

I will always be a work in progress. Meditation has brought me a better understanding about myself and strengthened my connection with the universe. All of it has been a private process. Solitude has been my comfort zone.  Now, by writing publicly, I am following through with the goals I have set. There is a silent fervor within me and a newfound freedom of being able to connect through this blog. I encourage everyone to become a work in progress. We are all capable of being better versions of ourselves and there are no deadlines.


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