Palawan Express

Vendor: You should buy more pairs.. (of pearl earrings)
But I only have two ears.

For what may be the most chokingly touristy place I have been to, my few days in Puerto Princesa was mostly spent looking through a van window or sluggishly walking behind bands of tourists with little room to actually absorb this uniquely enchanting forest city. I enjoyed the short time we had on the beach but too short because our boat mates didn’t like the heat. I got a few camera clicks here and there but the whole roundabout left me uninspired and out of breath. I was a tag along in this trip and I had no expectations and wouldn’t so much as to complain. But no, I wasn’t giving up either.

When the tour vans parked and the guides say their goodbyes and wake up time reminders, plastered smiles and all touristy effects fade away – a different feeling takes over. The air becomes cooler as the sun slowly tucks itself in and the little songs of the night start to play. I feel like I’m in one of those folklore tales where the trees spelt out secrets and the fireflies led you to a mystic garden, all in your night gown of course! But I wasn’t inside a storybook or a movie, I was on earth, in the middle of a rainforest and it was alive. Instinctively I lay myself down on the ground, being still for a moment, feeling the earth carry me up. I am not lost. I have been home all along.

honda bay

rainforest city

hanging alice

enchanted river forest

finite earth

croc tail

little mangroves

sky sky

little flowers

enchanting river


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